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starMajid Naficy

March 2007

Poem: "Water Fasting"

starBarbara Alyea-Welches

February 2007

Poem: "Old Man Winter"

starLisa Zaran

February 2007

Poem: "The Losses We've Acquired"

starMarcus Harris

January 2006

Poem: "Painted Smiles"
(Mama Knows Best ...?)

starCarlos Trevino

March 2006

Poem: "The Migrant"

starFarah Afshar

January 2005

Poem: "Everything Sweet"

starRandy Lane

November 2005

Poem: "Tear Drop In His Eye"

starTri Tran

June 2004

Poem: "My Art Work"


December 2004

Poem: "What am I"

starTerry A. O'Neal

September 2003

Poem: "My Backyard"

starShane Larkin

March 2004

Poem: "Knowing,..."

starOmotola Durotimi Abraham

June 2003

Poem: "Agbani - Flower of Africa"

starKathy Hadizadeh

August 2003

Poem: "Columbia"

starJack Cannon

April 2002

Poem: "The Buildings I've Built"

starScott Yuile

June 2002

Poem: "Empty Playground"

starJohn Crookes

September 2000

Poem: "Alone"

starArash Daneshzadeh

April 2001

Poem: "Paternal Merit"

starNisar Aewalvi

April 2000

Poem: "Rubáiyát"

starMegan Burns

July 2000

Poem: "Tuesday 7, 1997"

starJames Aldridge

February 2000

Poem: "Without Name"

starAl Teal

March 2000

Poem: "Writing"

starClayton Clarke Smith

October '99

Poem: "Evening's Dance"

starTina Matteson

December '99

Poem: "Empty"

starMelanie Rae Voland

February '99

Poem: "Poem for Afghanistan"

starWilliam E. Ames

JuLy '99

Poem: "Hemingway"

"Press close, bare-bosomed Night!
Press close, magnetic, nourishing Night!
Night of south winds!
Night of the large, few stars!
Still, nodding Night!
Mad, naked, Summer Night!

Walt Whitman
(1819 - 1892)

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