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Sourabh says of himself:

"Sourabh claims to be the youngest 30-year old you will ever meet.
And for most of these 30 years, he has been busy trying to break away from stereotypes. Every one of them.

In this constant battle against typification, he rarely gets time to be his own true self.
For that he has his poetry, which by the way he hates to write. But what other way does he have to ostracise the demons in his soul."

(The Poet's Biography in 2004)


"what am i"


what am i

but a whisper in the wind

the play of shadows

in the candlelight

the memory of dreams

the hint of an idea


i am the trick of light

that jumps at you

from the corner of your eye

but disappear

when you turn around

to look at me


Copyright © 2004

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