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Omotola Durotimi Abraham
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Omotola Durotimi Abraham says of herself:

"I am the second daughter of a vet-turned-accountant father and a wonderful Mother. A Nigerian, born on the 30th of July 1985, my burning passion is real Law. This is why I am presently studying Civil Law at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. To me, poetry is a gift and an assignment. It showcases the issues I am passionate about, e.g. Women's Rights, Beauty, Peace, etc."


"Agbani - Flower of Africa"


Sounding cymbals, beating gongs

And hands outstretched to the sun

Black and proud, tall as the Iroko

A body decked in Aso-Ofi*

These hills on her chest

Like twin demons, bid a tyrant farewell

These mills in her mouth

Like a fun corncob

Tell the children come here, stay

Her gaze is that of the gazelle

Bewitchingly seductive, betraying nothing

She is the only daughter of Osun

Her presence begets reverence

Beneath the sunrise, she's glamorous

Rising out of the stream

She tells the tale of beauty

She's Agbani, sweet as honey

A daughter jointly reared

The blood of ancient warriors

Flowing through her veins

She we sent to conquer the world

Thus without them knowing

For she captivated them as she did us

This lovely flower of Africa - Agbani.


*Aso-Ofi is the name given to traditional attire.


Omotola Durotimi Abraham
Copyright © 2003

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