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Melanie Rae Voland
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Melanie Rae Voland is a writer, sociologist and amateur anthropologist. As an historian and citizen of the world she is too often overwhelmed by the urgent need for peace, freedom and tolerance in all cultures. She devotes considerable time to understanding the nature and spirit of the human experience. Occassionally, her words offer a voice to those who dream in silence.


"Poem for Afghanistan"


The almond wife moves in bitter silence

Behind the painted windows

Of her hungry house.


Behind her thin veil and her ordinary eyes

She craves red plums and pomegranates

And the taste of moon.


She keeps a verdant lover

As smooth as jade, as warm as trees

Deep in her belly, naked and free.


She walks quiescently

Until summer comes burning with a strange fire

Then she rages redolent with storm

Onto a sun baked street

Where she offers her flesh

Raw and deliberate

To the green voice in her womb

To the mob drunk with hypocrisy

To the stones that they throw at her

Moral as bread.


Melanie Rae Voland
Copyright © 1999

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