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William E. Ames
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William E. Ames says of himself:

"At the age of 28, I literally woke up one morning, quit my job, and went back to school to learn about poetry. Since then, I have received a BA in English with an emphasis on Western poetry from the Pennsylvania State University, making the Dean's list 4 times. From 1996 through 1999 I helped to edit the poetry section of Kalliope, the campus literary journal, and several of my works were selected for publication. I believe that the best poetry contains elements of rhythm and sound that make it compact and memorable, and so my favorite poets tend to reflect that sentiment. My future plans include graduate school and a family."




I remember as a boy

How my father would talk

With reverence about Hemingway,

And "The Old Man And The Sea."

I brushed it aside with all the other mumbo-jumbo he had told me.


And although I could scarcely recall it,

I was always curious at his fascination and passion.

The Old Man was stupid, and he had gone out too far.

Anyone could see that.

Tonight, as I watched television in my habitually sleepless night,

I found Spencer Tracy, and till 4am I watched

With the curiosity I had carried with me all those years.


"I too have gone out too far," I thought . . .

And I waited for "Half fish, fish that you were . . ."

Because I remembered it,

Although it never made much sense to me.

I wept when the boy saw the Old Man's hands,

Torn and bleeding from pursuit of his dreams.

And then I knew what the boy knew.

It was what my father tried to tell me,

20 years ago.


William E. Ames
Copyright © 1999

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