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Nisar Aewalvi
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Nisar Aewalvi says of himself:

"I am a post graduate from Bombay University. I have been writing poems since my childhood days. I write poems in English, Urdu, Persian and Marathi. Amongst English poets, I was impressed by John Keats and others."




Each morn Saki proclaims: my Love divine.

Awake, and on Azure, like Titan shine,

Ah, take in hand and turn the bowl of Life

And turning fill it up with your own Wine!


Ah, this illusive Life we go a-quest

Is but Sorrow's smile, a peace named 'Unrest',

A shadow between 'Is' and 'Is-not' cast:

Or, 'twixt Vigil and Sleep misgiving prest.


And then, what had their Visions to reveal

They but with a thousand disputes did deal,

In the book of Untruth call'd -'History'-

And lo, thereupon of Truth put a Seal!


Sublime like sky, though by the base earth bound,

A morning star in misty mantle wound;

And so the Poet stands: as stern as tower,

The light within him and the storm around.


Griefs in rife: was it all but Heaven's plan

And that Potter's___our comely shapes to ban?

And then in Torture's kiln mould us to think

There's no soul on earth more wretched than Man!


Nisar Aewalvi
Copyright © 2000

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