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Kathy Hadizadeh
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Kathy Hadizadeh says of herself:

"Born in Tehran, a child with curly hair, dreamy eyes and a head full of strange ideas, Kathy lived a life of love, literature and travel.
She is an engineer but likes writing to express her feelings. To win the heart of more people in this global village by speaking their way, she learned French, German, Spanish, Italian, English and Persian. Currently she lives in California, busy counting the stars of her imaginary world and still hoping to meet "Le Petit Prince" under the moonlight."




My friend: Ursa Minor

I spent my days

For night to come

To send my lonely eyes to visit you


Last night you were not alone

Not anymore: Another constellation was near you

More vivid, more shiny with a shape as a heart

I counted the stars: 7 and so bright

And I felt them so close


I asked you the name

You gave me: Columbia

You winked and said:

You are not alone with Columbia


I was startled

Sent my eyes around on earth

And saw millions of wet eyes

Sending homage to Columbia

Then I knew

Columbia was nothing but eternality of 7 human dreams

To remain near you forever and a day.


Katayoon (Kathy) Hadizadeh
Copyright © 2003

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