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Randy Lane
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Randy Lane was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has had a direct influence on his writing.
He loves the old west, in particular the Native American culture.
From the Native Americans, he has learnt much about the old west, their way of life and the things that were important to them.

His poem "Blood on the Streets" has recently been published at USA-PATRIOTISM.COM .


"Tear Drop In His Eye"

I have seen the eagle
flying across the sky
and I have seen the deer
disappear before my eyes.

I have seen the young brave
with his head bowed down low
as he cried out Father
to save the buffalo.

I have seen the morning
crowned in rings of gold.
I have seen the flowers
beginning to unfold.

But in all of my existence
I have yet to see
the beauty of creation
that hasn't amazed me.

For I have seen the eagle
that flies across the sky.
And I have seen the Indian
with the tear drop in his eye.


Randy Lane
Copyright © 2005

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