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Tri Tran
Colourful Bar


Tri Tran is a published poet and he reads at different open gatherings.


"My Art Work"


I smear indigo with the palms of my hands, onto my life,

Like the paint brushes of Picasso, upon the white board.

Tranquility unfolds its wings within me.


I smear crimson upon my peaceful nights

As I blaze in fury;

My heart, unforgiving.


I smear turquoise on my serene ocean,

Allowing my tears to trickle down my cheeks

As I taste the saltiness of misery, in my heart.


I smear cyan upon my soul,

Naming it joy as the color soaks into my tiny universe.

My past, cremated, my present glittering, my future, dazzling.


I smear lavender upon my heart

And listen to the whisper of love;

A leaf, feathering my face with gentleness and affection.


I smear snow from my head to my toes

And sunlight into my digestive organs;

Now, I have the seasons to enjoy.


Tri Tran
Copyright © 2004

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