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Al Teal
Colourful Bar


Al Teal says of himself:

"I am not married. I own a twelve year old, eighteen pound cat. I live in Hinesville, Georgia, USA. I am an electrical/electronics engineer by education. I graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1978 and worked for several high-tech companies until I finally started working for myself. I own a small shopping strip that I lease to a restaurant and a computer retail store. I make a living as an air conditioning and heating contractor, a master electrician, a kitchen and laundry appliance repairman. I can repair almost anything electrical. I love the English language and I love to write."



I'm quite routinely deep in thought,

for there my words of rhyme are wrote.

Have a slice of verbal pie, as I attempt to tell you why.

Writing words of fantasy can take a person very far.

Far away to paradise or for a trip around a star.


I can lead a horse to water, I can even make him drink.

I can conjure up a genie along with anything I think.

I can take ride, side by side, with anyone I please.

Create the sun, the scenery, and even yes, the breeze.


You see the words I've written here are really only me.

I am the horse, the scenery, and even yes, the breeze.

I am the star I spun around within my mental ship.

The ship I'm in, is also me created for this trip.


To me the words come easy, I'll write throughout my time.

Even as I lay asleep, my dreams are played in rhyme.

It's possible I guess one day that this may be a curse.

But till that day I'll scribe away, there's so much more to verse.


Al Teal
Copyright © 2000

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