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James Aldridge
Colourful Bar


James Aldridge says of himself:

"Having been born in the state of Arizona, I lived for fourteen years on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. The endless flow of people visiting from all the world's cultures, with the same goal of learning more about the Earth, were my schoolmates. Our classroom was the sky; our teacher, nature. My poems are just a reflection of those lives as they passed through my own."


"Without Name"


Great ones are all the same.

Words, stealing my voice, then,

leaving my thoughts empty

with their visions.

Clouding my own creative gifts

with waters of brilliant energy.

Nature writes words

with the blood of men.

Men read in nature, and give.

They write, I read,

I live, they bleed.

I choke the sky in envy

as her winds, wisdom spent,

clears my breath.

So I inhale their prose.

My poverty given

freely to the weary,

sharing magnanimity.


James Aldridge
Copyright © 2000

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