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Barbara Alyea-Welches
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Barbara Alyea-Welches says of herself:

" I reside in Nashville, TN where I work as a bookkeeper.

I have always enjoyed reading and writing poetry, ever since I began to read and write.
The first poem that ever got recognition was from an English assignment in the seventh grade. That poem,'Rain', got me an A grade, and won the county poetry contest in Lake county Indiana and then the state contest in Indianapolis. I have been writing ever since. I am continuously inspired to do so by my five grandchildren, who affectionately call me 'Grandma Barbie'. I enjoy my work, my writing and look forward to retiring back to Indiana."

"Old Man Winter"

“You know I am coming to blow, and to drift.”
“You had better take cover, whether you're poor or you're rich.”

“You best lay in a good store of food.”
“I am coming from Northland, and up to no good.”

“I’ve traveled for hundreds of miles, you know.”
“Starting blizzards, the monster storms of snow.”

“I don’t care if you're sick, and in bed with the flu.”
“I am coming to blow snow, ‘cause that’s just what I do.”

“Put in your dog, and your cat, shut the door.”
“I am coming to bury you, ‘neath a snow covered floor.”

“Lay in your firewood, and oil for the lamps.”
“It’s going to get colder, it’s going to get damp.”

“I am not talking days, but of weeks I may blow.”
“I am going to cover you with the hardest of snow.”

“The first day of winter, Dec. 21st.”
"Shut your children in, so they don’t get hurt.”

“I’ll live as long as March or April, staying near.”
“Then I’ll blow back north for the rest of the year.”


Copyright © 01/01/07 Barbara Alyea-Welches

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