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Tina Matteson
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Tina Matteson says of herself:

"I was born and raised in Hesperia, Ca. I have had to overcome my learning disability, and I was in the seventh grade when I was finally taught how to read by a wonderful woman called Ruth Dearmmer. I have never been really good at expressing myself. I tried playing the guitar to release the tension, but I still kept all my emotions bottled up inside; so, I decided to write them down. My poems may not rhyme, but they are true feelings and thoughts."




I look in people's eyes

and I don't see anything.

It's a strange emptiness,

Void of feeling and life.


I see them everywhere

and I wonder where

all the feelings went.


Were they stolen in the night?

Or bleached out by the blinding light?

Lost in the desert?

Or drowned in the deep blue sea?


Am I the only one

who misses them?


Tina Matteson
Copyright © 1999

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