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Marcus Harris
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Marcus Harris has long been hailed for his insightful, timely, and often poignantly humorous body of poetry, prose, and commentary. His writings have been featured in several national and international publications.

He is also the Founder and President of The Lady Oya Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports domestic violence survivors and their families.

Songs In Search Of A Voice, Marcus's debut collection of original poetry, will be released on Tuesday, March 7th. To learn more about it, visit his Website at


"Painted Smiles"
(Mama Knows Best . . . ?)

She greeted them, those young,
(as yet) innocent souls,
each morning with the
practiced embrace of mended limbs,
which spoke little to trauma
unmerited – yet promised and delivered –
from the same heavy hand
that softly stroked them
while they
sweetly slept . . .

            they could never tell that the
            custom cadence of her laugh
            was forged
            for the sake of
            muted tears,


            they would never know that the
            patterned whispers of her walk
            mirrored a soul
            that had likewise deftly
            disappeared –

            but, still

she greeted them, those young,
(as yet) innocent souls,
each morning with
cereal and painted smiles,
which masked a pallor
familiarly faded, yet
a well-orchestrated
perpetration of a life
devoid of terror
and shame . . .

while the truth, they would come to learn,
always seemed to hide
somewhere deep within
her sigh.


Marcus Harris
Copyright © 2006

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