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two birds

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starJan Theuninck

February & March 2007

Poem: "Hill 60"

starColette Ilima Baldwin

September, October, November 2005, & March 2006

Poem: "Home at Last"

starJoseph Josephides

October & November 2006

Poem: "Meditating on Olympia"

starRichard Montague

May & June 2005

Poem: "Who's Dancing at the Wake?"

starLeszek Kobiernicki

January & November 2005

Poem: "O Seasons of Sorrows and Joys!"

starGeorge G. Buttigieg

October 2000, January 2001 & August 2004

Poem: "Lost At Sea"

starReshia Minggia

September '99 & December 2004

Poem: "Innocence"

starJohn D. Ballam

January & February 2004

Poem: "To Q.H.F., Rome, 1985"

starMargaret Boles

April & May 2004  

Poem: "A Paradox"

starMichelangelo Balistreri

June, July 2001, May 2002 &
April 2003

Poem: "The Voice of My Land"

starMelissa Rae Burns

May 2002 & December 2003

Poem: "Through The Shattered Glass"

starMichael L. Rose

December 2002 & January 2003

Poem: "Is Is True"

starIrfan Master

January & February 2003  

Poem: "O' Naishapur"

starFrancesca Zagami

March, June 2001 & June 2002

Poem: "Quarantined Metropolis"

starMelissa Noseworthy

January 2002 & January 2003

Poem: "Beat"

starElizabeth Howell

November 2001, January
& February 2002

Poem: "Masks"

starMartin Rutley

April & May 2002

Poem: "Diagonal Fiction"

starColleen A. McCulley

January & February 2001

Poem: "The Words of God"

starRaffaella Minicone

October, November 2000
& November 2001

Poem: "To be without you"

starFabian Schurgers

October & November 2000

Poem: "The Dryad"

starPeter Franklin

December 2000 & January 2001

Poem: "Go to the River"

starPhilip De Pinto

August & September 2000

Poem: "Gift"

starDavid Valdez

April, May, July & October 2000

Poem: "For Better and Worse"

starSteven Doherty

December '99, January &
April 2000

Poem: "Sulfur"

starNicole Petrillo

January, March, April &
June 2000

Poem: "Helpless"

"I walk without flinching through the burning cathedral of the summer.
My bank of wild grass is majestic and full of music.
It is a fire that solitude presses against my lips.

Violette Leduc
(1907 - 1972)

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