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Clayton Clarke Smith
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Clayton Clarke Smith says of himself:

"Born in May of 1958 and father of 3, I have an engineering background. Divorced for 3 years, I found the most loving woman in the world. I look forward to spending many years with her.
I love my Lord God with all my heart, and I thank Him for sending His Son to die for me and everyone else who accepts Him. I also thank Him for the blessings he has given me. I thank Him for being able to write and the enjoyment I get from it. Writing is a way to paint the words in your mind on paper. You can touch so many people with words, and everyone can understand something written."


"Evening's Dance"


Sun sets

in gold and blues,

promising tomorrow

will come true.

Memories linger

of hours passed.

Crimson hues

our shadows cast.

Eyes of blue,

sun kissed skin.

Lips like wine

as night begins.


Sun bestows

its final wink.

Surf recedes in

shades of pink.

Mandolin cries

faint and low.

A warm embrace,

a song we know.

Rest your head,

holding tight.

Moving as one

by candle light.


Bodies sway

with gentle sighs.

Reflections play

in loving eyes.

Like petaled stem

from virgin seed.

A soft caress

like summerís breeze.

Against the walls

and window panes,

our shadows play

like summer rain.


Evening passes,

music fades.

Candle dims,

moon invades.

Filling within

our hearts and minds,

like love one feels

or hopes to find.

Now an eveningís kiss

is on our lips.

An eveningís dance

to reminisce.

You whisper soft,

as you take my hand.

Was it all a dream

in the evening sand.


The promises made,

not in haste.

Sweet thoughts of you

like honeys taste.

Between the moon

And morning light,

You take me slowly,

holding tight

Simple pleasures

as if new.

Bodies one...

but born as two.


Like starlight wink,

high aloft.

Your warm whispers,

Low and soft.

It seems to say

without sound,

Feelings true

will abound.

Things we feel,

things we see

make these loverís

hearts believe,

In things not heard

in things not seen,

in simple love

And simple dreams.


Clayton Clarke Smith
Copyright © 1999

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