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Fabian Schurgers
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Fabian Schurgers says of himself:

"... Almost my entire life (I know, it is not that much) I have wished to be a writer, a writer of fantasy novels and things of beauty, for in my opinion, all things of beauty are art itself, and art is beauteous magic incarnate.
... I live in Holland, in Voorschoten to be exact; therefore my native language differs from that displayed in these halls, but I do think that I have a reasonable understanding of the English language. I have written fantasy stories for a school magazine, and most of them where regarded as being of high quality. Recently however, I found that I am much more intrigued by poetry, and the magic that resides in it. I study still, at a HBO in Rotterdam, which is one step below university ..."


"The Dryad"


O' Infinite beauty unsurpassed,

Thy golden smile before us cast,

Of trackless seas, a welcome home,

Of light combined and intertwined,

Thy shine remains the brightest.


O' Radiance of silvery light,

Of moon reflecting, glowing bright,

To dance upon the soul of men,

To bless with brilliance unrestrained,

Thy shine remains the brightest.


O' Cloudless gate to hidden lands,

Of rubies sparkling in our hands,

Of precious stones,

Of wonders veiled,

Thy shine remains the brightest.


Fabian Schurgers
Copyright © 2000

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