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Patricia H. Regensburg


Golden Pen


"I was born in New York City on March 17, 1929 and many years passed until I discovered that the great St.Patrick's Day Parade was not in celebration of my birthday. First disappointment.
My schooling was Convent of the Sacred Heart, Cathedral High School and two years at Rosemont College.
I was married in 1949 to Anthony Sheperd Regensburg, after which came Victoria and three years later to the day, Paul Patric.

Between then and now, some successes, many disappointments and because of the latter, much soul searching, study and hard work, all of which led me to the present which is, happy to say, filled with good things."

Recently published by this poet:
A book of poems out entitled Backward Glances (at a triumphantly neurotic life) by Patricia Hentz Regensburg.


starPoems by Patricia H. Regensburg:star

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