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The End

A Poem by:

Patricia H. Regensburg

Colourful Bar


Copyright shall at all times remain vested in the Author. No part of the work shall be used, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the Author's express written consent.

I don't know what you want from me,

I can't be what you think I ought to be.

I feel that I do everything I'm able

and still you sweep me underneath the table

just like a crumb you've left upon your plate

or some old hat that's worn and out of date.

I'm tired of always feeling penitence

because I can't meet your requirements.

From now on I've got to be the prize,

I want my worth to shine in someone's eyes.

There's no affinity worth undertaking

if there's no more than one side in the making.

I'm really tired of these relationships

that lead to nothing but your ego trips.

The time is now for you and me to part,

for me to raise the gates around my heart.

I will, I'll raise those gates and lock you out,

you'll say you don't know what it's all about,

but I know that you know, and there's no way

I'll keep you in my life for one more day.

And though my heart will feel it's made of stone,

I need some time for me, just me, alone.


Patricia H. Regensburg
Copyright © 2002

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