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Nicole Petrillo
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Nicole Petrillo says of herself:

"Born Dec.14, 1979 in Royal Oak, MI. I have been writing short stories and poetry as far back as I can remember. My mother still brings out things I wrote when I was ten years old, and I learn all over again what poetry really is. A timeless expression. I recently became published in "From The Mountaintop". I am currently going to Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills, MI for my associates in Applied Science and my counselling Certification."




Mistakes happen

and hearts break

how far can the words

"I am sorry" go


You can only do so much

for others

before you have to

give up


Can things ever be wonderful

or okay at least?

When can a simple hug

make everything else go away?


Temporary fixes

are easy to come by

but when it's gone

it feels worse than before

even if it's not


Not knowing

What to say

When you stand before me

With a tear in your eye

Begging for help

or at least a hand

Lost amongst

A pile of issues

That keep rising

No matter

How hard you try

Things get worse


And I stand there





Unable to watch

Any longer

I turn away

From the mirror.


Nicole Petrillo
Copyright © 1999

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