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Melissa Rae Burns
Colourful Bar

( At only fifteen years of age in 2002, Melissa Rae Burns was the youngest poet to have been selected. )

Melissa Rae Burns says of herself:

"I've been writing poetry ever since my grandfather died, but I've loved writing ever since I was seven. Since my father left my mother and I, my grandfather was like a dad to me. Once he died, it seemed like a switch was turned on and my poetic juices started flowing. I wrote a poem about him, which recently won another contest, and the other poems were written during a very hard time in my life."


"Through The Shattered Glass"


Through the shattered glass

I can clearly see

my childhood passing fast

not waiting for me

I'm trying to reach out

so that I could pull in

all my fears and my doubts

crowding me within

through the shattered glass

I can barely touch

my memories drifting away

all those memories I've loved so much

fading into the fog so gray

As my arms reach out

my hands start to bleed

I'm confused, what's this about?

Am I searching? Am I in need?

My life is passing before my eyes

Am I growing too fast?

I felt the hurt, and heard the lies

that weren't in my past

All through the shattered glass


Melissa Rae Burns
Copyright © 2003

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