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"Grace of Love"

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"My Beloved's Face"

A Poem by : Ibrahim Fakhr-od-Din Iraqi

Persian Classical Poetry

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Illustration by Rene Bull

Every moment my Beloved's face

in a new look shows itself;

Under each twist of her curls

she has a thousand tricks!


With one coquettish glance

she traps a thousand hearts;

That is why in this world

lonely are the hearts of lovers.


If my heart is gone and lost,

tell it be gone and lost forever,

For, instead of heart, I have in my hands

the musky curls of my Beloved.


Since a Beauty from the Tavern

robbed my heart from me,

I have been all, nothing but a desire

for the Tavern, Wine and the Harp.


With the wine of love I am

so far away from soberness and reason

That no care is left in me

for the wonders of name and fame.


Bring, O cup-bearer,

a goblet of that wine for me

That with the reflection of Your face

it takes a new colour every moment!


Shed Iraqi's blood in the dust

but renew our friendship,

For, now and always, friendship is

and will be better than separation.


Translated into English by
Mahmud Kianush


Persian Classical Poetry

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