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Persian Classical Poetry

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"Grace of Love"

A Poem by : Ibrahim Fakhr-od-Din Iraqi

"My Beloved's Face"

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Illustration by Rene Bull

0 Sweetheart,

of spirit your body is created,

With the black disbelief of your hair

faith is created.


Have you ever heard

about the beauty of Joseph of Egypt?

Your beauty

with twice more grace is created.


From the garden of your cheeks

one rose was picked;

With that rose

the eternal paradise was created.


A cloud of dust rose

in the road to your abode;

With that dust

the spring of eternal life was created.


The anguish of your love

shed the blood of men of heart and mind;

With that blood

ruby and coral were created.


May my body and my soul

be sacrificed for you,

Because your body

with pure soul is created.


I wonder how can I succeed

to be one moment with you,

For, to watch you,

a hundred demons are created.


How long should I drink

the wine of the anguish of your love?

Intoxicated and unconscious

I am created.


By the grace of your love

Iraqi has a wondrous breath

With which

the image of man was created.


Translated into English by
Mahmud Kianush


Persian Classical Poetry

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