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Linda Marie Van Tassell


Golden Pen


"I was born and raised in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Being surrounded on all sides by the multi-colored indigenous peaks, I have a most beautiful view to treasure. It is almost as if I am in the valley of God's resplendence. As such, I have a tremendous appreciation for the beauty with which God has graced mankind.

I was born in March of 1969; and due to too many circumstances to mention, I am now without family or relatives. Having a father who committed suicide when I was four years old has always had a tremendous impact on my life and how I view life's events. At the same time, he has always been the silver lining behind the clouds, the beacon of light which led me forward into the realms of the heart. Today, because of his spiritual presence, I appreciate the most important thing of all in life, that one thing which is easily overlooked in today's society - love.

I live my life to love and be loved. All else falls to the wayside. I hope that through my poetry people can find a semblance of themselves, words which evoke emotion, and memories which rise to the surface through the poignant and moving waters of my poetry. If I can touch one person with my words, I have succeeded in all I endeavored to achieve. To touch the heart of another individual is akin to touching the hem of God's robe. I am then enlightened and touched myself. I am the poet who strives to bring mankind to the shores of love ..."


starPoems by Linda Marie Van Tassell:star


"Dream Quilt"

"The Footsteps of Life"

"A Star To The Sky Lit Unawares"

"Crosses to Bear"

"Kisses From The Heart"

"Symmetrical Consciousness"

"Moss and Magnolias"

"Our Song Unending"


"Autumn In My Heart"

"Enough For Me"

"Trilogy of Love"

"Stairway To Heaven"


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