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To Live Again

( A Section of the book: "The Fifth and The Last Nail" )


Mahmud Kianush

Colourful Bar


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In All The Colours


A Child Is A Poem

Wayward Kite

In All The Colours


We burn and breathe

As a cell

In the body of the Universe.


The Sun burns in all the colours:

Green in leaves,

In our dreams and our hopes;

Red in roses,

In our blood and our desires;

Yellow in dandelions,

In our hunger and our despairs;

Blue in the sky,

In our thoughts and revelations...


The Sun breathes and dreams in the Earth,

And the Earth smiles and sings

For all the stars:

We are the Universe;

We are Nothing.


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In such a long, cold Winter

With the deadly breath of an ice age,

What we need

Is making a bonfire

Of all our memories:

How else can we wait

For a new Spring

That may never come?


Let us sit and count the stars

As they melt

On the palm of our hands.


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A Child Is A Poem


A child happily smiling

Without hopeful thoughts,

Or happily asleep

Without sweet dreams,

Or happily crying

Without any sorrow,

Is a poem

Still unwritten,

With the truth of nature

And the perfection of life.


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Wayward Kite


I am a kite,

Made and flown

By a lonely child.


The string was too short

And the firmament boundless:

I broke the bondage

And let a mysterious wind

Take me high and away.


Sometimes I think the lonely child,

Lost in fury and despair,

Must be searching,

searching for me;


Why should I see myself

As an ungrateful, wayward kite!



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