Katy's love for illustration and the Art Nouveau style of painting is evident in a collection of works, which are both "Symbolic" and a homage to the art of ornament. She has been influenced by such artists as Alphonse Mucha, as well as Celtic and Persian art. These paintings are highly detailed and the media used are pen & ink, acrylics, acrylic relief paints, seashells and semiprecious stones. The acrylic relief paints add embellishment, while creating a new dimension.

Katy has also been working on a new series of unique paintings, which explore the relationship between 'man and nature'.

Through her paintings of women and wild birds the viewer can see and feel the soul of the birds through the eyes of the women - 'the eyes being the window to the soul'.

The semiprecious stones, materials and media used in these paintings include: acrylics, acrylic relief paints, sequins, fresh water pearls, gold leaves, copper sheeting, sapphire, aquamarine, peridot, agate, amethyst, seashells, handmade cocoa shell paper, suede and feathers.

NEW Commissioned paintings added to the 'Modern' Section :
January 2007

'Peace' and 'Harmony'

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