Detail 1 Detail 2 Detail 3
Close-up of background decoration:
gold and copper acrylic relief paints, and pearls.
Detail of ornamental circle:
acrylic relief paints, Japanese textured paper, real seashells, stars.
Detail of hair ornament:
amethyst and acrylic relief paints.


Painted by Katy Kianush, Copyright © 2003



"Siren" is a highly detailed painting, in which Katy's love for the Art Nouveau style of painting is clearly shown.
She stands proud, fearless and beautiful.
In the background, the sea and the sky have merged.
Acrylic relief paints, pearls, Japanese textured paper
and real seashells have been used to create a new dimension
and make this painting more unique.

(The Siren falls somewhere between a mermaid and a bird. According to legend, she would sit on the edge of rocky shores, singing sweetly to sailors, calling them into their deaths against the rocks.
A significant symbolic aspect of the Sirens is that chanting represents their essence. If it is song that tears down the order of man's rational mind, then the Siren could be considered a destructive aspect of the muse.

Mixed Media


Framed Painting



32.5" H by 25.5" W

(83 cm H by 65 cm W)

Double mount:

Inner approx. 0.25" (1cm) W;

Outer approx. 3" (7.5cm) W


Colour: Antique Gold

Approx.: 1.5" (4cm) W



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