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Shimanta Bhattacharyya


Golden Pen


"I was born in Shillong, a small town in north-east India. I have done my masters in English and I teach at a college in Shillong.

I wrote my first 'poem' when I was in school. I was perhaps precocious as a child but precocity has its own pitfalls: the moment my parents discovered that I was a young versifier, they tightened their ever tightening grip on me and tried their best to wean me away from my juvenile preoccupation with the Muse! They claim that I had begun to develop the notorious habit of scribbling bits of verse on tiny bits of paper to the utter neglect of everything!

My favourite poets are G.M. Hopkins, Sylvia Plath and Dylan Thomas to name a few. I also have a small collection of poems to my name entitled: The Diviner."


starPoems by Shimanta Bhattacharyya:star



"A Lament For Their Eyes"

"Certain Things"

"The Diviner"

"To My Mother "

"The Changing Times"

"The Unfinished Man"

"A Bunch of Flowers"

"On His Birthday"


"Every afternoon"

"Between Bomb Blasts"

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