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Michael L. Rose
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Michael L. Rose says of himself:

"Home is Farmington, New Mexico. Located in the Four Corners region of the state. Have always enjoyed reading poems that rhyme and for the past year have tried to put thoughts into words with that type of style. I enjoy playing with spiritual concepts and ideas, with A Course in Miracles being the main source of inspiration. Christian by choice but New Thought by necessity, I try to write with an open mind in hopes of understanding it myself."


"Is Is True"


Is it or is it not true,

That Is is all there is .. and there is nothing else


But how is it - that Is knows -- that it is Is,

Unless Is knows -- what it is not


For if Is isn't knowing what it is -- from what it is not,

                   Then how can Is know for sure that it is the Is,

                                     that it thinks it is..

                                           and not the Is..

                                                 that it thinks it is not.


So it is the Is -- that Is is not -- That defines the Is that Is has sought

                   And each Is - is but merely a Thought

                             But only one Thought Is --- and the other is not


In the end.. it isn't what Is or Is isn't .... Its about knowing the difference.


                                         But then I suppose,... everything is.


Michael L. Rose
Copyright © 2002

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