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The Red Robin's

A Poem from the Book:
"Of Birds and Men"


Mahmud Kianush



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When the Red Robin perches

On the top of the Pomegranate Tree

I know that it has for me

A happy message from you,

And I listen with delight.


Each drop of its song

Is a paradisal spring in the air.

I drink it with faith,

And forget the promises

Written on my bewildered soul with fire:

Promises of the hopeless dreamers

Who spoke through the ages

of false darkness

About happiness in the Other World.


I believe in every word

Of the Red Robin's Gospel,

From the top of the Mount Pomegranate,

Sitting under the holy Sun,

The small bird

Gazes over the serene sea of grass,

And sings its universal words,

And in them I hear you

Talking clearly to me

Without Gabriel standing between us.


Your message has never been written,

So it cannot be read by eyes.

Moment by moment

Your Word is the re-creation of life,

And the gift of reading it

Is here in my heart,

Linked through all the galaxies

To the tiny heart of the Red Robin,

Sitting on the top

of the Pomegranate Tree.

"Of Birds and Men"
(A book of poems in Persian)

Of Birds and Men
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