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"A lover of books and much reading in my earlier years, right on through; attended various community colleges and took a lot of CED courses; including dabbling with painting and instruments. Understanding the dimension of all the arts; Institute of Children's Literature to name another. Having lived in a home-based computer business another outlook on life was cultivated and developed also.
Looks like I have been writing for over thirty years now. With me it was in the evolution of heart and mind and of course the evolution of expanding in learning of self. Having my share of bittersweet experiences if another person ask of his or her poem I don't understand...they are just not there yet in the inspiration of its expression; of its depth in its true compassion. Snail mail then, and now with the introduction of Web-based poetry sites what an evolution in that too; published in that arena also. Showem, Sayit (greeting cards), Poets Corner, Poetry Workshop and Poetfest are just some of the Internet sites. Poetry has been a passion of mine, just enjoying this creative realm the architectural word vision and hopefully adding to its offerings ..."


starPoems by Patricia Fritsche:star

"What Light You Do Cast!"

"Ghostly Revisiting?"

"Rabbit's Foot!"

"Opal Tears"

"Mustang Sally!"

"Beyond A Golden Reason!"

"In The Right Light!"

"The Smoking Lake!"

"Is It Soup Yet?"

"Where's The Meat?"

"Clueless...But Then Again!"

"Pigeon Holed"

"Music for the Spirits in Us!"

"Crocheting It Just Right!"


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