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Maziar Ouliaei-Nia


Golden Pen


"I was born in Esfahan(IRAN) in July 1962 and grew up in Khuzestan. I got my B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in Iran in January 1988, and I came to the United States in 1991. I got my M.S. in pure mathematics at Purdue University and now, I am a Ph.D. student in mathematics at The University of Iowa. On 1st January 2007 I got married to the love of my life, Marjan.

In the last five years, around fifty of my poems have been published in journals such as The Persian Book Review (U.S.), Asheghaneh (U.S.), and Cheesta (Iran). I write in Farsi and the poems included here are translated by myself. In writing poetry I follow my heart, my two little rules 'briefness' and 'uniqueness', and the balance of my savings account of images and ideas. I do not have a diary, my poems are the only lines of my private notes. Some of the days are full of images and emotions, some of them are flat and dry. To paint these landscapes, I try to find enough words and inspirations. After all, the poet's interpretation makes 'flat' and 'dry', 'rich' and 'full'. This is my favorite business: Making eternity from scratch ..."


starPoems by Maziar Ouliaei-Nia:star





"Snow Land"

"Travel's preparations"

"The Biography of a Pedlar"



"Of Terrestrial Memories"



"Apple Tree"

"Love in Utopia"


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