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Richard Montague
Colourful Bar


Richard Montague is retired, almost an octogenarian, who lives in Belfast where, for most of his life he has used his voice and his pen in a hostile environment stating a case for social sanity.

Essentially a political writer, most of his work has been in the form of articles. He has also written two novels (only one published), two three-act plays and last year published a book of political short stories called WITHIN THE SYSTEM.

His pet hate is submitting work to publishers!


"Who's Dancing at the Wake?"

When they've cleaned the battlefield,
Restored the turf and grass;
And re-shaped the economy,
And prayed the final mass,
Who's there to dry the widow's tear?
Who's there to soothe the ache?
Who's there to say 'twas all worthwhile?
Who's dancing at the wake?


Richard Montague
Copyright © 2005

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