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Raffaella Minicone

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Raffaella Minicone is from Rome, Italy and she says of herself:

"I'm 23 years old and a student in Journalism who grew up to poetry and literature; my father used to recite Dante for me every morning on my way to school, and instead of fairy tales, I fell asleep to him telling me the stories of Hamlet or Ulysses. I've been writing more or less since I was eight and it's like breathing for me, without it I feel like I don't exist."

(The Poet's Biography in 2000)


"To be without you"


Time's standing still

at the bottom of your breaths

And night peaceful at your feet

Curled up like a baby in your arms

I watch the moon offering you kisses.

I'm afraid to make a sound

Afraid to fall from grace

To be taken from your sweet embrace

A strong wind

doesn't bother the seagull

For until the end it knows its way.

You're the sun which dried my wings

And you're the love

that makes me brave.

Never thought that in a man's silence

I'd feel needed

Or his words could

mend my bleeding.

Never thought a man

carried stars in his pocket

To share on stormy nights.

And the nights he sleeps like a child

you let him nest inside your heart

And rest


he'll not want to fly

But he'll stay and lead you

across the water wide.

Ask from me the only thing

At which I'm good

That is never wanting

To be without you.


Raffaella Minicone
Copyright © 2000

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