Katy Kianush has been illustrating books and painting "Miniatures", since she was a child. What she terms as "Miniatures", are intricate and stylised Japanese, Chinese and Persian paintings. She has created her own style in all three genre of painting, with original compositions. This form of decorative art requires great skill :

In the Persian Culture, poetry and miniature complement each other, and throughout the centuries artists have adorned great works such as the "Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam" with colourful, intricate, and at times symbolic images.
However, in Japanese and Chinese paintings, composition is often of higher importance than ornamental detail. The lines and colours are there as part of the overall composition.


In her illustrations for Shakespeare's plays, Katy has used the skills she has acquired to create an almost "Stained Glass" effect, bringing together the cultures of both East and West.

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