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Colleen A. McCulley
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The Poet's Biography in 2001:

Colleen A. McCulley is a 20 year old college junior, who is majoring in English and Theology.
She enjoys writing, above all - poetry, fiction and non-ficiton.
This semester she wrote her first play: The Problem With Faith, which was put on at her college as the Fall Production, and was recieved with rave reviews as well as sent off for publication.
Colleen says that she owes it all to God, her family, and supportive structure of friends.


"The Words of God"


Ghostly Figures sweep across the painting;

White, pale, arms outreached, hands dripping with black.


Transmission Interrupted.


Masked in a scream they dance around each other, faces blending, mixing ...

A swirling cloud of fog encircles them in its encompassing arms;

The sound of wailings pierces the sky;

The figures fall to their knees, their faces molded to each other.


Transmission Interrupted.


There was something we should have heard;

There was something we should have known.


They are fading now,

A thought not become, an understanding not complete;

Dripping black, their hands on the ground, they moan their truth;

Alone, yet one with them ... endlessly floating through a grey abyss.

Why were they not told to follow the one?

.... they were not told.


Transmission Interrupted.


Colleen A. McCulley
Copyright © 2001

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