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Irfan Master
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Irfan Master says of himself:

"I live in London. I have an English Literature honours degree. I have been an English language Tutor and I am presently training to be a Librarian.
I have heard the sound of poetry since the day of my birth, when it was first uttered in my ear. I write with the best intentions but like Sisyphus and his boulder I struggle to the peak only for my faith to desert me.
I am my own worst critic and my boulder bears me down. Read on and help me boost the boulder. Who knows? We may yet overcome.
The first two poems are Rubáiyát and belong to a disparate series of poems that stand alone but also come together to make a whole, they represent us."


"O' Naishapur"


Dreaming when dawn's light hold is nigh,

I kissed the shroud of death goodbye

Knowing it for a brief affair,

Before the day wakes with a sigh.


Irfan Master
Copyright © 2003

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