When painting a landscape, Katy Kianush is usually armed with a sketchbook and a camera, keeping in mind that a good composition makes a good painting. Often it is important to be present at the place chosen for a painting in order to have the feel of the area, through touching, seeing and responding to it emotionally.

The depiction of light at different times of the day and seasons gives Katy the strongest challenge and satisfaction. After all, none of the considerations with which a painter is occupied - tone, colour, form, space - is independent of it. Katy's love of wildlife and animals in general, can be seen through many of her paintings.

Katy admires the works of impressionist painters such as Camille Pissarro, the 19th Century French artist.
Every time she embarks on the adventure of a new painting, the following words written by Pissarro in a letter to a young painter continue to inspire her:

"Look for the kind of nature that suits your temperament. The motif should be observed more for the shape and colour than for drawing ... Don't work bit by bit, but paint everything at once, placing tones everywhere ... Cover the canvas at the first go and then work until you see nothing more to add. Observe the aerial perspective well, from foreground to the horizon, the reflections of the sky, of foliage. Don't be afraid of putting on colour, refine the work little by little. Don't proceed according to rules and principles, but paint what you observe and feel ... Don't be timid in the presence of nature; one must be bold at the risk of being deceived and making mistakes. One must have only one teacher - Nature; she is the only one to be consulted."

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