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Leszek Kobiernicki
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Leszek Kobiernicki says of himself:

"Polish-Jewish, b. 1950, translator from Classical, Slavonic & Romance Languages, at the confluence of the Hassidic, Ahl-e-Haqq ( Sufi ), and Primitive Christian traditions, seeking the spiritual in the making of poems to touch the heart, and to strengthen the resolve to live for that Love alone that all the saints knew to be their secret gift from God."


"O Seasons of Sorrows and Joys!"

O seasons of

sorrows and joys!

O, the unlooked-for

perfection of

wrath and hope!



trusting to

dear love's mercy

but to be kind


yet do as you will;

it shall be true,

and right

and perfect;

I know


Leszek Kobiernicki
Copyright © 19 viii 1996

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