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Persian Classical Poetry

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"The Gem and The Mine"

A Poem by : Kamal-od-Din Khajoo Kermani

"Hunting the Hunter"

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Illustration by Rene Bull

Of thee I tell thee secrets

in a wordless language;

From thee I ask the way to thee

on a traceless trace.


In vain thou concealest thyself

from the eyes, for thy sun-like face

Beams through heavenly veil

like the light of day.


What a delicate concept thou art,

far above reasoning!

What a divine Verse thou art,

needless of interpretation!


How can I close my eyes to thee?

Thou art the lamp inside the eye.

How can I part with thee?

Thou art the resident in the soul.


We are all rays and thou art the candle;

We are all substance and thou art the spirit;

We are all raindrops and thou art the ocean;

We are all gems and thou art the mine.


I have never seen a face like thine,

so graceful point by point;

I have never seen a scripture like thee,

so meaningful verse by verse.


So mercilessly injuring Khajoo's heart

with the arrow of thy coquettish glances

Is far from the way of friendship

and against the rules of affection.


Translated into English by
Mahmud Kianush


Persian Classical Poetry

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