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Jacqui Thornton


Golden Pen


"I live near Brisbane in Australia, but was born and raised in Africa. As soon as I could hold a pencil I started drawing pictures of all that I saw. I especially like to immortalise the wonderful African animals, which lend themselves to the picture board so well. I also sculpt in clay and derive immense satisfaction seeing my creations come to life under my hand.

The writing of poetry is something that I have only recently been able to do and so I am a novice as it were. The poems just seem to pop into my head at odd times, usually just after I have settled in bed for the night. Then I must get up and find pencil and paper to write it all down before it is gone. I still need to work on the metre and rhymes but it is getting there.

My poems are mainly about feelings and changes and how I see the world. I hope the simple way I write will encourage others to read and come to love poetry as I do ..."


starPoems by Jacqui Thornton:star

"The Call of Autumn"

"Life is Born"


"The Magic Glade"

"A Life Well Remembered"

"Call of the Wolves"

"The Old Churchyard"

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