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"Of Will and Immortals"

a Ghazal by

Shams-od-Din Muhammad Hafez

Persian Miniature by Mahmoud Farshchian

They came just before dawn, as in grief I did plead;
I drank life's elixir and watched darkness recede.

They turned me ecstatic in the brightness of soul,
gave me wine from cup of the awakening seed.

Such a blessed dawn and such a time to rejoice—
that moment divine they handed down my fresh deed.

Henceforth I'll search mirror of beloved's image
where they did appear and my new essence decreed.

I'm cheered, it's no mystery my desires are fulfilled;
they found me worthy and my starvation did feed.

That angelic voice told me of riches to come
through patience in the face of suffering and need.

All this sweetness and nectar that flow from my words
are enduring rewards given me by that weed.

Through the will of Hafez and souls of immortals
emerges liberation—from slavery I'm freed.


(From the book: Hafez, Teachings of the Philosopher of Love, by Haleh Pourafzal and Roger Montgomery)

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