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A Collection of Poetic glimpses from the Book:
"The Fifth and The Last Nail"


Mahmud Kianush

Colourful Bar


Copyright shall at all times remain vested in the Author. No part of the work shall be used, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the Author's express written consent.


I am waiting,

But the moon will not rise

Until sleep has conquered the earth.


Colourful Bar


It is not your eyes,

That show me the way,

But a sudden note from your heart.


Colourful Bar


Laughing, you left my eyes

In search of the sun,

In the dead sea of a mirror;

The sky will never dawn.


Colourful Bar


Talk to yourself

Until the end of time,

But in the absence of a voice

The wise world will remain silent.


Colourful Bar


When you escape loneliness,

Love is glimmering just ahead;

But it is always hate

That embraces you

Before you can say who you are.


Colourful Bar


The more you defile Life,

O the Crowned Ignorance,

The longer it will take for Death

To show you its mercy.


Colourful Bar


My journey from the Cave

To the emptiness of the Moon

Has been a tiring agony;

Let me rest a while

Before I set off for Hell.


Colourful Bar


Every spring the earth

Throws up all the secrets

Entrusted to her;

But I shall break mine to the last one

Before I return to her womb.


Colourful Bar


The universe

With all her galaxies

Cannot fill my eyes;

Adorn it with a green leaf,

And my heart becomes

A green universe.


Colourful Bar


God created the Earth

And left it idle in the void;

I looked at it with love,

Its beauty shone

And I called it World.


Colourful Bar



Playmates of sparrows and squirrels,

Tomorrow they will all be lost,

And only poets and tyrants will remain.


Colourful Bar


Since I began my way towards you,

I have become what I have known;

If you are the way,

Then who am I?


Colourful Bar


Before you fall,

Look around

In the eyes of those

Who are near you,

And tell them you were also there;

Your voice will not be forgotten.


Colourful Bar


Here I have always been a stranger;

But sometimes someone

Calls me in a voice

More familiar than my own,

And that is a real fright.


Colourful Bar


I hide myself

In the bushes of words,

And you seek me;

Both of us are lost.


Colourful Bar


He smiled in his agony

And pointing to the earth,

He whispered to his grieving son:

" Mothers are in love

With their own wombs,

And their wombs bear death!"


Colourful Bar



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Copyright © 1999 K. Kianush, Art Arena