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Chehel Sotun

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Chehel Sotun (Forty Columns)

The Chehel Sotun palace was built as a reception hall by Shah Abbas II in 1647. It is set in the old royal park between the Ali Qapu Palace and the Chahar Bagh Avenue. The name means "The Forty Columns" and though there are only twenty columns of cypress wood, their reflections in the adjacent pool provide the other twenty.

There is also a small museum inside the building. Six Friezes are painted on the upper part of the inside walls representing Safavid court life and their military exploits. Beneath these great scenes are smaller paintings, closer in style and subject matter to Persian miniature. Covered in plaster during the Qajar period, they have recently been carefully restored. All around the room are a series of Safavid objects including carpets, armour, porcelain and coins.

Chehel Sotun

The Palace of Chehel Sotun, Isfahan
( Photo by Henri Stierlin )



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