Painted by Katy Kianush, Copyright © 2003



'Eire' is the second in a new series of paintings by Katy Kianush.
The inspiration for these paintings has come from the art of ornament and design of different cultures.
Katy has used a combination of Art Nouveau and Celtic design to create this unique painting.
With her fiery red hair, Eire is beautiful, strong and proud. The intricate jewellery adorning her hair includes the shamrock design, the symbol of Ireland.
This is a highly detailed painting, which has been executed in acrylics and pen and ink. Acrylic gold and copper relief paints have also been used to add embellishment to the main design and the background.

Mixed Media


Framed Painting



27.5" H by 22.5" W

(70cm H by 57cm W)

Double mount with gold slip:

Inner approx. 0.5" (1.5cm) W;

Outer approx. 3.5" (9cm) W


Colour: Antique Gold

Approx.: 1.5" (4cm) W


£ 600 Approx Click to Order:

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