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Durlabh Singh


Golden Pen


"I am a poet resident in London and I have four books of verse published.
My poems have also been published widely in magazines, newspapers and anthologies."


"We are surrounded by a vast unknown. Either we remain dumb or try to find a voice expressing it. To contemplate death, life and love is to feel deeply; to understand more and to confront our demons lurking in the psyche.
Poetical truth is as much necessary for our being as the food is for our bodies; otherwise we are liable to die spiritually.
A good poem is created for oneself and for others to live through and sometimes others may even find their own image reflected in its mirror."

'CHROME RED', collected poems by Durlabh Singh has recently been published. It contains 117 of poems, with insertions of the poet's own graphic art. To find out more, you can visit


starPoems by Durlabh Singh:star

"Wither My Soul"

"The Sun"

"I Dream"


"I Have Longed"

"Green Green"

"Grow Fingers"

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