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Steven Doherty
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Steven Doherty says of himself :

"I live in Venice Beach, Ca. I am 25 years old and have been writing poery for five years. Recently I decided to post it so I can get some feedback and read other people's work. I take pictures and sing as well."

(The Poet's Biography in 1999)





But no date comes to mind

No early evening kiss to commend my efforts

No cheering from the cheap seats

All these efforts are minimal

Because the reverse effect is achieved

Such emptiness is bred for the stomach that may turn,

From the lack of salvation it is fed

I am offered a position I cannot calculate

And I accept my fate as a billboard

A poster child for burnout

A coaster for a drink no one will remove

Please take away this rotting aspect of an otherwise pure perspective

Accept this deviation from the script as self-improvement

My character is shaded with charcoal and a variety of spilt pills

And the tears; shameful, shamed and rightfully upheld,

By my honest cliché

Help me fight the desire to defend her atrocities

Help me love my self-inflicted disasters

They are all I can create.


Steven Doherty
Copyright © 1999

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