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David Coe


Golden Pen


David Coe says of himself:

"My life is very much artistically lead. My job as a goldsmith gives me the opportunity to create beautiful jewellery for my clients. Home is a small village in Norfolk, England. For me writing poetry is the best form of relaxation. The beautiful countryside surrounding me, walking the quiet tranquil lanes and letting nature speak to me is my inspiration. Gathering my thoughts into poetry where every line tells a story is my hope, better still if they can provoke thoughts in the reader that will stay with them for a long time after reading the poem."


starPoems by David Coe:star

"Painting Dreams"

"Rickinghall Chapel"

"Blakeney Point"

"Now I can remember"

"Temple of Wonder"

"For it's No Shame to Cry"

"The Smile"

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