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George G. Buttigieg
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George Gregory Buttigieg is a 47-year-old consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecological surgeon in NHS and private practice in Malta. He is also a Senior Lecturer in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malta. George is a knight of Magisterial Grace and holds the Office of Hospitaller of the Maltese branch of the Sovereign Military Order of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta. He has been writing as a hobby since his medical student days, is a published writer of prose and poetry, has won numerous awards in Radio and T.V. drama and is currently working on a fourteenth century novel in English. He is married to a science graduate and has a 21-year-old final year medical student daughter and another 18-year-old daughter about to commence reading law.

(The Poet's Biography in 2000)


"Lost At Sea"


Constant as ever was the pole-star

As with confidence I looked and wondered

At how well I fared on life’s wheel of karma.

And I thought that constant too was my progress.

Little did I know that mine was the fate

Of the thirsty lonely sailor in his shell

Miserably lost in an interminable sea; alone

But for the daily sun and the constant pole-star.

The miles I covered were but the leagues

He rowed around a single point.

And I wept bitter tears of desperate sorrow

As the light of dawn revealed that the seeming end

Was but the stark beginning.


George G. Buttigieg
Copyright © 2004

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