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Margaret Boles
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Margaret Boles says of herself:

"I am a married lady from Ireland, my background is medical - I was a nurse, my father was a doctor, my husband is a pharmacist, and I am now a qualified assistant - but I've been mostly at home with the children - We have five children now aged 24 - 12.
I started writing poetry in 1996 after some illnesses, then joined a writers group. I have always loved reading, and am very interested in current affairs and biography. - My other interests include language and travel, and I am fortunate to have travelled to Africa, Thailand, Burma and U.S.A., as well as Europe and U.K."


"A Paradox"


The lower wire

Sags and sways

With a heavy

Magpie weight;

The upper wire,

Is tight and firm

Carrying the lighter mate,

And my superstitious soul

Sends a grateful, thankful prayer

That two, not one, of

Those peculiar birds

Are there!


Margaret Boles
Copyright © 2004

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